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What  can I read in English this summer??

 ELISABETH LAIRD(born 1943)  Is a British writer of children's fiction and travel. She is also known for the large body offolktales which she collected from the regions of Ethiopia. Her books have been translated into at least fifteen languages. Laird was born in New Zealand in 1943. She was the fourth child of her Scottish father and New Zealand mother. The family settled in Purley, near London in 1945. A fifth child was born in 1947. He suffered severe disabilities and died in 1949. Laird's first children's novel, Red Sky in the Morning (Heinemann, 1988), was inspired in some measure by his life.
At the age of 18, Laird travelled to Malaysia, and worked for a year as a teaching assistant in Kolej Tunku Kurshiah, Seremban. She was fortunate to recover from the bite of a poisonous snake in the South China Sea.
After finishing her degree at Bristol University and qualifying as a teacher from the Institute of Education in London, Laird took up a post at the Prince Bede Mariam Laboratory School, which was attached to the University of Addis Ababa. She spent two years in Ethiopia, travelling widely, often on foot and on horseback, and developed an abiding interest in the country.

Macmillan Readers: The House on the Hill Pack
 Paul realises he will never be able to marry Maria if he remains poor. When he wins the story competition, he believes                his problems are over. Can he marry Maria now? 
Macmillan Readers: Anna and the Fighter Pack

Anna is making her first trip alone to visit her aunt. She is nervous and excited. Who is the strange man in her train carriage?

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